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Headquartered in the heart of Paris, in the beautiful 3rd arrondissement, Deepomatic is an ambitious start-up, aiming at building an AI-powered society. We believe AI is going to make the world enter a new technological era. We help Global 500 companies across the world by developing a software they use to design, deploy and operate computer vision systems. Detecting cancer cells, spotting defects on production lines, helping drones understand the world around them, making highways intelligent, those are just examples of how our software is used by our customers.

We provide our employees with the stimulating environment of high-growth startups, we all are part of an exciting adventure, while retaining elements of lifestyle startups: we emphasize on the well-being of everyone, flexibility and personal growth. We are driven by respect, team spirit, gender equality and a shared love for making deepomatic a human-first company.


  • Yearly Deepo-Seminar
  • Gymlib subscription
  • Free (healthy) snacks and coffee
  • Company based revenues
  • Ticket Restaurant®
  • Prestigious clients
  • Conferences all over the world
  • Work with a very talented team
  • Afterworks, success parties and other team building events

Our team

The people behind our company

Thumb avatar 1547830212
Augustin Marty
Thumb avatar 1547829966
Vincent Delaitre
Thumb avatar 1547829471
Aloïs Brunel
Thumb avatar 1547829398
Alexis Jacob
VP Engineering
Thumb avatar 1547828588
Zoé Delduc
Research Engineer
Thumb avatar 1547828655
Thibaut Duguet
Product Manager
Thumb avatar 1546595881
Hugo Maingonnat
Research Engineer
Thumb avatar 1547829198
Marine Boucherit
Head of Marketing
Thumb avatar 1547829091
Antje Farnier
Research Engineer
Thumb avatar 1547830321
Viem Le
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1547829276
Léo Paillier
Solution Architect
Thumb avatar 1547828749
Cécile Papin
Sales Director Europe
Thumb avatar 1540911705
Si Wu
Datasets Manager
Thumb avatar 1547828883
Eléonore Tezenas
Solution Marketing Manager
Thumb avatar 1545310491
Thomas Riccardi
Site Reliability Engineer
Thumb avatar 1542620297
Alexandre Moreau
Integration Engineer
Thumb avatar 1547828986
Romane Forestier
Office and Administrative Manager
Thumb avatar 1541430666
Marion Tormento
Solution Architect
Thumb avatar 1540911410
Jesse Mouallek
Head Of US Operations
Thumb avatar 1541430708
Thomas Thuillier
Account Executive
Thumb avatar 1552411820
Quentin Trehard
Research Engineer
Thumb avatar 1553705084
Lingyao Meng
Datasets Manager
Thumb avatar 1553771089
Kémy Cassin
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1552475301
Sabrina Trinh
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1550159751
Nicolas Touron
Sales Executive

deepomatic Alumni

They have been part of our journey

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now at akwaba beach
Thumb avatar 1502376554
now at Christie's
Thumb avatar 1505315425
now at University of Edinburgh
Thumb avatar 1526567804
Clare Sedger
now travelling the world
Thumb avatar 1502376554
now at Vicarious
Thumb avatar 1502376554
now at Station F
Thumb avatar 1502376553
now at Snap Inc.
Thumb avatar 1502376554
now at akwaba beach
Thumb avatar 1554204996
Pierre Lesouhaitier

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our location

in the heart of Paris


53 rue de Turbigo