VP sales

Job description

Deepomatic is the only visual automation platform specifically designed to help telco companies and their business partners augment their operations in the field.

It uses industry-leading image recognition and AI to instantly assess the state of fiber installations and guide technicians to successful task completion. Management benefits from network observability, tangible quality indicators, and the ability to perform predictive analysis on the visual data collected.

Leading operators, infrastructure owners and network integrators including Bouygues Telecom, Sogetrel and Swisscom use Deepomatic to connect subscribers more reliably, lower the cost of compliance, improve quality of experience and drive long-term infrastructure ROI.

We envision a world where, over the next 10 years, all companies with significant field operations (telecommunications, construction, infrastructure, and energy) will use image recognition and visual automation to optimize field processes much in the same way other sectors (financial services, insurance, etc) have been able to do with their back office processes with robotic process automation.

We will conquer the Telecom network maintenance automation market as a first step, with a view to becoming the undisputed leader in "visual automation". We will be to field processes what the leaders in RPA (UIPath) are to back-office processes. Other markets that we will conquer will be those where we will also bring value to the field and to the office thanks to accurate, real-time image recognition: cleaning, logistics, catering, linear assets (gas pipelines, electric lines, highways), data centers, Test, Inspection and Certification companies (Bureau Veritas...), insurance, etc.

Deepomatic, has developed a world class product for years to address Visual Automation (RPA for the real world) and has now the opportunity to develop a billion dollar business on a single of its client use cases.

More about our business DNA for the coming years ? Here you can access ou latest Product Marketing Doc.


You know how to close Enterprises because you have done it (a lot)?

You know the outreach context? You khow to hire and recruit? You know how to build the basic processes a software company needs to close again, and again, and again. You like winning, you like managing, and you like figuring out the puzzle of how to get from $1m or $2m to $10m or $20m?

You want to join a company just after product market fit, just when everything is getting well oiled and organized? You want to be part of a real business with a big impact on the real world. You want to succeed in the most grateful (and hardest challenge) in sales? You want to be part of a family working everyday with the same passion?

Apply to our newly open VP sales position.

Job requirements

Very important: 

Enterprise software sales leader

  • At least one experience as sales leader in enterprise software:
    • large deals > 100K€ ARR / deal, on average

    • Complex sales cycle with solution development

    • multiple touch points with C-level executives.

Experience with our current growth stage 1 to 10

  • A sales leader who drove the growth of at least one software start up with product-market-fit, from 1M in ARR to 10M+ in ARR.

  • Entrepreneurial & strategic mindset, with the ability to contribute to market intelligence gathering and product positioning with the founding team.

Familiar with the context of new market space (non-competitive environment fueled by evangelization and outreach)

A relentless recruiter and an accomplished coach & manager

  • One or more experiences of building and managing international sales teams, from single digit to 20+ people sales organizations
  • Able to manage and add value to people older, more experienced, and possibly with a bigger package.
  • Will come in with 2 or more recruits she wants to work with and is able to bring on the team with her

Ready to be ramped-up for a year in Paris, France

Speaks English perfectly

Driven and ambitious, but fits in Deepomatic’s culture of :

  1. Customer ultra-satisfaction (we need to drive successfully their digital transformation).

  2. Kindness: we are a team, we help each others

  3. Impact: we will make 100M euros of ARR within 6 years

  4. Responsibility - we can make it limiting our damages to the planet and in a social responsible way

  5. Never settle: no one doesn't need to learn anymore, you must be always twisting your brain to understand the next thing.

Is a plus 

Has experience with the telecom industry

Can speak other languages at business level (German, Spanish are a big plus)
Is connected with the top US tech environment (Talents VCs Companies who like to innovate)