Fullstack developer

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  • Paris, France

Fullstack developer

Job description

The opportunity

Deepomatic develops a low-code platform to enable business users to build their own Computer Vision solution and use it in production.
We currently have a mobile app used by our clients allowing them to exploit the output of our AI to perform in a more efficient way field operations.
We are looking for a full stack developer to join our mobile APP squad.
The development will include the design part (figma), the backend part (api, service worker, authentication ...) and the front-end part (angular, ngrx, CoreUI, RxJS).

Within 1 month, you will:

  • Learn everything there is to know about the business and the technology behind it. You will learn how our products work and how it's used by our customers.
  • Integrate your squad, follow the onboarding process and start working on your first task.
  • Push at least one bug fix/small feature in production

Within 3 months, you will:

  • Participate to the brain storming for the next cycle in the squad with the product team
  • Work on detailed specifications
  • Work on bigger features

Within 6 months, you will:

  • Be the go-to person regarding technical issues in the mobile app.
  • Perform product and solution training sessions with our customers.
  • Do  R&D to see how to execute neural network offline directly on the device and/or native app
Within 1 year, you will:
  • Manage and oversee industrial scale image recognition solutions.
  • Oversee the data science and architecture aspects for some of our largest enterprise customers.
  • Mentor new team members.
  • Help structure the solution architect.

Job requirements

  • The candidate is a native or near-native speaker in French
  • Interest in solving real-world problems.
  • Experience with python and typescript
  • 2+ years experience with UX/UI tools such as figma
  • 2+ years experience with python and javascript
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English.
  • Great human qualities and a love for team work.