Software Engineer Internship

  • Paris, France

Software Engineer Internship

Job description

At deepomatic, we believe artificial intelligence is the way to unlock the world of tomorrow. Our mission is to make it accessible to all, not just a few big technology companies. To fulfill this dream we are always looking for talented and creative engineers to help us along this journey.


What we are looking for

If you're passionate about the upcoming societal and economical impacts of AI, if you want to work with the latest technologies, if you have the skills to show for it, and most of all if you want to live an adventure; then there is a place for you!

We know that there's always more to someone than meets the eye so we appreciate atypical profiles: education, background, previous experiences, nationalities, etc., don't hold back!

This is a paid position for at least 6 months.

Internship subject

Disclaimer: please kindly consider that this position is a developer internship and not a research internship. We probably won't open any research internship position before fall 2018. That said, we always welcome motivated people and if you think we should have a look at your experience, please send us a mail to

Two internship subjects are available:

Subject 1:

Data pre-processing and normalization is often a requirement before being able to efficiently work on a dataset and train a neural network. This is for example the case when you need to anonymize human faces or licence plates of cars before you can show them in an interface (to stay compliant with the EU law).

During the internship, the candidate will be part of a squad that will implement a plugable data preprocessing back-end inside the deepomatic platform. This internship will involve a broad scope of competencies:
- Designing a way to describe pre-processing in a generalist and extendable way, possibly by using other already trained neural networks.

- Understanding an architecture based on micro-services and message passing.

- Implementing micro-services that will effectively process the data (images or videos).

- Designing (and implementing) the UX, i.e think about how this preprocessing could be nicely added to the UI of our platform.

- If time permits: allow user-specific pre-processing scripts.

Subject 2:

For many complex use-cases, we actually need to chain multiple neural networks before giving a final answer. This is for example the case when you first need to use a rather generalist detector to localize items in an image before using a fine-grained classifier to accurately describe them.
During this internship, the candidate will be responsible for implementing the pipelining (chaining) of multiple neural networks into one single API request. This internship will involve various complementary competencies:
- Specifying the endpoints and format of an API that describes complex objects (pipeline steps).
- Understanding an architecture based on micro-services and message passing.
- Implementing those specifications in a web server and back-end job worker.
- Understanding and implementing the lifecycle of such complex objects (versioning, updates, rollbacks, etc...)
- If time permits: adding a dashboard to visually edit such pipelines


  • An internship agreement from your university
  • A strong background in programming: 3+ years
  • A knowledge in the following language is always a plus:
    • back-end: django, python, C++
    • front-end: angular, webpack
  • A keen interest in artificial intelligence
  • Great oral and written communication skills in English
  • A love for team work

Have a look at our tech stack to get a glimpse of what we're using!